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Savage Worlds Action & Adventure Decks

Feeling adventurous? Got a little action in you? These are exactly the cards you’re looking for!

The Action Deck is a custom 54-card poker deck especially for Savage Worlds initiative. Its larger index numbers and clear faces make cross-table reading a breeze, red and black jokers are clearly distinct, and the full-art face cards really put the mood on the table!

The Adventure Deck puts some story control in the hands of the players and lots of spice into the action. Add story twists like romantic interests, enemies, and larger-than-life opponents at the drop of a hat. See characters pull off amazing feats. Bring more excitement to your gaming table than ever before!

This is a bundle of two poker-sized (2.5″ x 3.5″) 54-card, full-color decks for use with Savage Worlds.

Jodi’s note:

Although I do not have any more of the promotion cards that were originally released with these decks, I WILL send you a copy of the Beautiful Brains promo Adventure Deck card, Read the Enemy, featuring art by Pinnacle’s frequent artist, Jordan Peacock.

System: Savage Worlds
Genre: all
Format: 2 decks of cards, one action and one adventure
Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Publisher ID Number: S2P10013
ISBN: 978-0-9828175-3-7
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